A few weeks ago, my family and I decided to go on a vacation to Big Bear and stay at a cabin for a week. It was pretty relaxing and we all got to talk and laugh around the campfire while the fish cooked that my uncle caught that day. We are all usually busy with one thing or another, so that was a rarity to be able to get everyone to go at the same time.

As the night went on, we started telling ghost stories for fun and to scare each other a little. My mom got freaked out and went inside to relax by reading before bed, since she likes to wake up early anyway. I brought up mythical creatures I had heard about, and to my amazement, some of them knew more than I thought! I love to read about them in my spare time and it was so nice to be able to talk about it with others, and it was even better that it was my own family!

We finished up and went inside to prepare for our kayaking trip the next day. Before the trip, I had looked up inflatable kayak reviews because I didn't want a heavy kayak to carry around the whole time. And plus, I didn't want one to get stolen either. This is one I can deflate and take inside when I go somewhere and I don't have to worry about it. I didn't get one that fits two people because I like to have complete control of my boat. I'm kind of a loner in that sense. Here's one similar to mine, since I forgot to take pictures of it fully inflated...


The next day we all took off on our trip, one behind the other with our kayaks. They all had regular ones and they remained safe outside overnight, but I don't regret buying mine since it's so lightweight. While out on the lake, we all decided to cruise around on our own for some private time. It was nice to be alone out there with my own thoughts. But then I got to thinking...what if one of the mythical water creatures DID exist? What would I do if one popped up out of the water, like a siren, a loch ness type of creature, a kraken, or even a hydra? As I was fantasizing about that, I swear something bumped into my boat. That's when I paddled as fast as I could toward one of my family members! I think I freak myself out too much is the problem. This was my vision...except I would be in a tiny kayak, haha.

The rest of the week went great and we ate more fish (with sides, of course), had some drinks, laughed a lot, played horseshoes and board games outside as well. We made sure the cabin didn't have a tv so we all had to interact with each other. All of us are addicted to tv and our computers, which is not healthy at all. I'm going to make sure we do this at least twice a year. I had such a great time with everyone and I'm looking forward to the next trip!